The Team

We are a co-operative of five Shiatsu teachers and enthusiasts!

Here we are taking a moment for pics - happy after a morning of setting up the new livestreaming system - it all seems to work!
The team

The Shiatsu College Norwich

  • Who is the Shiatsu College Norwich?

    We are a co-operatively run branch of the Shiatsu College UK. Our collective consists of Shakura Meddings, Basti Deans, Cat Westwood, Dinah John and Cliff Andrews. Celia Little and Sylvie Marshall provide further teaching support and Nicole Drummond helps us with communications and social media.

  • When was the Shiatsu College Norwich founded?

    Cliff started teaching in Norwich in 1983, and the Norwich Branch of the Shiatsu College - was founded in 1986. The Shiatsu College Norwich is one of the 5 regional branches of the Shiatsu College UK

  • What is the Shiatsu Centre? Is it connected to the College?

    The Shiatsu Centre, at 20A Lower Goat Lane, is our clinic in the centre of Norwich. It's here in the office at the Centre that we organise the Shiatsu College Norwich The clinic has two treatment rooms where we see all our clients and also give one-to-one tutorials and small group sessions for College students

  • What do you offer?

    We have three pathways to learning Shiatsu: the Community membership, Blended training and the Diploma course

  • What is the Community?

    Our Community membership is open to all our clients and our graduates - in fact for anyone who is interested in using Shiatsu for themselves and their family - to keep balanced and healthy. Benefits include our popular weekly online Wednesday class, an online support forum and access to resources from our Blended training. Graduates can benefit from online masterclasses with senior College teachers

  • What is the Blended Learning option?

    Our Blended pathway includes all the benefits of the Community membership, plus livestreams of our in-person classes, video recordings and more. You can also attend - when your schedule allows - our in-person training weekends at a discount. You can start your Shiatsu training now and - if you later decide you'd like to register for the Diploma course - you'll already have a brilliant foundation in place, with elements of both the theory and practice of Shiatsu

  • What is the Diploma course?

    Our professional in-person training leads to an accredited Level 4 Diploma in Shiatsu. It takes 3 years to complete. After Year One you are awarded our Holistic Acupressure Certificate - allowing you to start working on clients to build your experience and confidence. Also included are all the benefits of our Community Membership and access to the resources of our Blended training. For more information please contact us and ask for our latest College Prospectus

  • How much does it cost to learn Shiatsu?

    You can join our Community Membership for £10 per month. Our Blended learning option is £25 per month. Our Diploma course is £150 per month. In-person training weekends are charged at £200 for external students, but for our Community members and enrolled Blended training students there's a 50% discount - making the in-person weekend £100. For more information on fees and how to pay please contact us